The Most Valuable Classic Cars in the World Today

world's most expensive cars

As we all know cars are incredibly expensive, they are metal machines of complete and utter class. They are something that we all have to have in a modern society, and they are something that we have had to have back in the olden times, ever since the early 1900s at least. They are important, they are important now, and they have been important for over a hundred years.

Sometimes these incredibly important cars are valued even more as they get older, and their mass production stops. This is how everything works really, once something gets old enough, they become antiquities. The difference between antiques though is that there is the trash and junk that nobody really cares about, maybe like an old gross looking lamp for example, that’s something that nobody wants.

On the other end of the spectrum are the fabulous classics, the nostalgic, the old things that make us feel excitement, joy, and general happiness that we get to see something as sleek and fun as those classic things. One of the most classic of classy things is a car, a classic car is something that everyone loves, especially gear heads like us. The feeling of euphoria is amazing when we see something like that, the thing that really makes me excited to see any kind of Aston Martin, they always remind me of Bond.

So, these classic cars get more and more valuable the older that they get, they have more value because of there scarcity. Sometimes those valuable cars can get extremely pricey, they can be worth an entire boat load of money, and because they are classics and because they are extremely valuable, they get more and more praise, and they are of course valuead even more.

Any kind of classic car that you like though is sure to be worth the praise, classic cars are things that are just absolutely amazing, and they are things that just make us incredibly happy. Sometimes though, we want to expand on our ideas and our preferences and see if there is any other sort of classic car that we should be on the lookout for.

We actually have a ton of classic cars that we love to look at, and we have a ton of our own personal preferences, so we always make sure to look out for those cars specifically. To make things a little easier on you, today we are going to be listing some of the best classic cars that you can look out for as you are doing your own driving around.

Something that we really want to emphasize though is that we don’t have a really short amount of time today, we don’t have a lot of space that is to say, so we are going to have to limit this analysis just a little bit. We are going to be cherry picking today, we are only going to be taking a look at the absolute best of the best classic cars to look out for.

So, let’s just jump right into this amazing list we have here, just keep in mind that if we miss out on one of your favorites, then we are deeply, incredibly sorry. Also we’re not doing this in any sort of order, so we’re very sorry if that’s disappointing to you as well. For your convenience and pleasure, here is a conveniently compiled list and analysis of the most valuable classic cars.


The 1937 Alfa Romeo 8C 2900

The first one on our list is the absolute classic 1937 Alfa Romeo 8C 2900, this one really is the most sleek of them all. It has the power and the drive to really get through whatever it needs. When it gets up to its top speed, around a hundred miles an hour, it looks like a dream.

This classic car has had some of the best spotlight that a car can have. It’s been dozens of races, it won third place in the Pontedecimo-Giovi climb all the way back in 1938, just a year after it was released for public consumption. The other race that it had a major hand in was the Stavlio, and it came first driven by Piero Dusio.

That incredible history of racing and fun is only thanks to the results of two men, two men that you have probably heard of if you keep your eyes on car history, Enzio Ferrarri and Vittorio Jano. These two masters of cars have been doing everything they can to make the greatest car of their era, and they accomplished it, which car though that they as their claim to fame is one of heated debate.

We can say with complete certainty that this is one of the greatest classic cars in our modern era, and its fame is almost as big as the price at which one of these costs. One of these spectacular cars is worth a whopping 4.07 million dollars. You can buy dozens of houses with that amount of money, or pay bills, or really set anyone up for life, but to us this car is completely worth that amount of money.

The 1956 Ferrari 860 Monza

We of course had to continue this list with Ferrari, they are of course considered one of the best creators of cars in history, probably the best actually, though I suppose that’s more in line with personal preference on a societal scale. They are my personal favorite of course, though Mclarren has been a close second in recent years, it’s such a hard choice.

What’s not a hard choice though is the decision of placing the 1956 Ferrari 860 Monza in the category of being one of the most valuable classic cars today. We can definitely put this one in a hall of fame, whether its for the amazing specs that it has, the sleek look that it boasts about or the incredibly large price at which these things cost.

The price set to the 1956 Ferrari 860 Monza is 2.5 million dollars, an incredibly large price, one of the largest for a classic car like this. Again like the others on the list, it is of course completely worth the money. We can always look at this one of a kind super car and think of all the amazing things that it brings to the people that it drives around. So, to say the absolute least this is one of the greatest of the classic cars, and the price only proves that.

The 1931 Type 41 Bugatti Royale

The next classic car that we have on this list is the 1931 Type 41 Bugatti Royale, and wow, this one is just spectacular, it has everything that a car collector could ever want, except of course the price, nobody is ever going to want to pay this steep of a price for anything no matter who you may be or what kind of money you have to spare. We will of course get into the price later, for now though we are going to talk about some of the cooler histories and some of its neat facts.

This car is actually the heaviest on this list, it actually weighs in at 3.5 tons and is 14 feet long, this is a car that is really for the elite of the elite. Because this is a car that was made for style, and proving that you have a crazy amount of money, Bugatti did not really put much of its stock into speed and power, they were not looking for it to be the next sports car. Though it wasn’t made for speed, it definitely looks amazing, so we can’t really nag about it too much.

All of those facts are incredibly cool, but the coolest thing about it is that there was only six of these remarkable beauties made. Only six of these 3 ton classics were created back in the 30’s, which means that the price on this particular car was insane, even back then. Back in the 30’s, the price for this car was a whopping $42,000, that is a crazy high number, at least back then. So it is definitely a car that can prove how wealthy you are.

Today though, the value of the car has of course gone up remarkably. We are not afraid at all to say that the price its at now has blown the older one out of the water, there’s just no competition. We are of course saying that in equal terms, we are taking inflation into account here. The equivalent price of $42K today, would be an astounding $754,350 dollars. If you want to figure out the price for the car now, here in our day in age, all you have to do is add another eight million.

That is correct, the 1931 Type 41 Bugatti Royale is an insane $8.7 million dollars as of the last auto appraisal. That is enough to buy a mansion and Disney passes for life. This of course as we have said for all the other cars on this is completely worth it. If I was a proper car collector and did not merely want to admire these phenomenal machines from afar, I would do everything that I could, in my power, to get my hands on this.

The 1954 Mercedes W 196

We have of course saved the absolute most valuable, the most expensive, the greatest looking classic car in our modern era. The 1954 Mercedes W 196 is one of the greatest cars of all time, and we as humans have recognised that by making it one of the most valuable classics for us today. We don’t have very much to say about this car in particular, but we don’t need to say anything about it to just prove to you how valuable it is.

This car was a racing machine, figuratively, and literally, back in its day, it was a  champion of its time, winning consitensistanly in the majority of races that it participated in. Dozens of different people have tried to buy this car in our modern era, but the majority of them haven’t been able to. Just for a reference, back in the 1990’s a german entrepreneur bought this car for a whopping ten million. To say the least, the price has increased exponentially since then.

If you want to take a guess as to how much this thing costs, then go ahead and stop reading for a second. If you’ve got your guess ready, then we can go ahead. The giant number that this car costs is insane, the 1954 Mercedes W 196 costs an absolutely unbelievable 424 Million dollars.

It is something like a dream, this car is so amazing in practically every way, but rarely can anyone ever have it, the price is just too high. The thing that’s really cruel about it though is that this price is completely fair, a car like this, this valuable classic is just so amazing that it is worth 24 million, it’s worth even more than that I would say.

The Conclusion

Ok, so that was our amazing list of all the most valuable classic cars in our modern era, this was an absolute blast being able to put together for everyone to read and experience with us, it was just a lot of fun to do. Hopefully you had as much fun reading about all of this as we ahd creating it, and hopefully it was educational for you at the very least.

Thank you so very much for taking some time out of your incredibly busy schedule to come by and read through this list really quickly. Hopefully, again, we were able to help you out and help you find everything that you need. Some of our favorite cars were on this list, and hopefully we were able to get yours on here too, if we didn’t then we do sincerely apologize, you can look forward to lists like these in the future, and hopefully you’ll see it there. Thank you very much, this was the most valuable classic cars in the world today.

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