Ways to Promote Your Digital Products

Ways to Promote Your Digital Products


While the majority of people think of purchasing a physical product as the way to sell eBooks and software, these products can actually help considerably with offline marketing, such as in-store events and advertising in journals and media.

In this article we are going to talk about ways to promote your digital product and how it can benefit with advertising your products offline. I am going to talk about each of these methods, i.e.:

1. Online classified advertising – is by far the most popular offline way of promoting your eBook and software, and is by far the cheapest way to do so. Online classified advertising and such ads can be placed all over the internet, with websites, directories and even e-mail you can get your product in front of a massive audience. This is very powerful and can really help to boost sales, but this is obviously not cheap. You can do some detailed research into placing an online classified advertising campaign in mind, as the better you monitor results, the more you will want to adjust strategies and look for the next promotion method to aid in your profits.

2. Banner Ads. These are by far the most popular way to sell your eBooks and software without the need of having your own website. Banner ads are pretty easy to setup and can be created in almost no time at all and can be displayed on virtually any website or blog. These banners can usually link to other types of ads, and this is another cheap and easy way to advertise your product.

3. Joint Ventures. Joint ventures are also commonly known as JV’s and can be extremely profitable and effective if approached correctly. For example, if you created an ebook about something in the pipe plumbing market and put your affiliate links and links to your diet site on the ebook, then the people who purchase your eBook will also buy from their diet site, giving your product instant exposure and long term affiliate links. It can be very powerful and all done with a few email contacts and some chat conversations.

An ideal JV partnership can do something as much as $10,000 per sale and the best thing about JV’s, is that you can work with someone without any risk, and it can be done for little or no cost up front, pretty much free to just exchange adverts and links for a couple of weeks and it really gives your product exposure and popularity in the online market. There are a few tips and tricks to try when setting up joint ventures, but all are extremely effective and are written more of in depth in this great video tutorial by Marlon Sanders.

Keep these three ways and other methods back up your sleeve when you first get started in internet marketing, because once you start selling products you will need to think different, because your profits will rise when you get more exposed to them.

Hope that has helped you all find a little direction and direction when you are looking to find ways to sell or promote your digital products.

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