Promoting Your Company in a Recession with Free And Effective Ways

marketing during a recession



In this day and age, you have to be able to open yourself up to new ideas and be willing to step outside of your familiar way of doing things if you are going to keep your business afloat. In a way, recession is one of the only things that has changed so far. The way we did business in the old days was through good old fashioned innovative marketing and advertising.

Due to the economy we are having now, even though some of the employees may be unmotivated due to the lay off process, it’s still a good idea for you to try new marketing and advertising ideas if you want to stay afloat.

The most common way to launch a new product or service is through word of mouth and personal recommendations.

You will need to fully dedicate your efforts to your clients once a new product hits the market, because you will now need to convince them of the merits of your new product or service, otherwise, you will lose them.


While offering discounts to your clients is a good way to bring in the market, you may be lost if you are not also offering group discounts for your company.Group discounts can be the most effective way to bring in new clients, again the tough part is that you don’t want to price your products out of price range for the masses, which is why coupon promotion is needed.


Postcards are cost efficient to print and easy to mail, thus they are a good way to get new clients. You will be able to market to these people at low prices by offering them a coupon off of the postcard that they can give out to friends and family, which will bring you more new clients. This is an excellent way to gain new customers in a cost effective way.

We tried to avoid coupons as much as possible, because they are highly contextual in our lives as opposed to creating you book.

With all of these new channels available for you to reach your clients, you really have to stay on top of them.

Other advertising possibilities

If your primary strategy is to develop products for the people, another advertising channel that you may want to try is the radio – this can be elusive for creative promotions. It’s effective, but you will need a large amount of resources to be able to reach an accurate amount of targeted clients.

Television and radio can be great ways to gain a brand new clientele, but can be costly. This is where print advertising comes in. Here’s a technique that may work for you:e 1900 Copy publish it.

Why should you choose this technique?

– e 1900 copy publish allows you to control who receives your promotions, not all of the people are delivered the same way- e 1900 copy has a far more heightened chance of being used than a television cable on a network will. Reaching the right customers is everything.

Have you ever heard of “e 1900 copy”? e 1900 copy allows you to print out copies of your advertisements in an email newsletter, which is then delivered to new clients in an e-mail format.

Here’s how this popular tactic works: A new company such as shop welders is trying to find its place in a new welding industry, so they utilize e-mail marketing by printing a newsletter with all of the information about their company printed in email. Value or information is offered in the newsletter in an email format, you just need to allow access to that e-mail via a link. After the email is sent to the recipient, you will receive an email asking if the new subscriber received the email and there’s a good chance that they have gone.

This is actually quite easy to do. As an e-mail marketing company, we would contact one of our client sites to see what the subject line to the e-mail mailing would be.

Using e-mail marketing, this new company lets their new clients know about its use of Emails, gains a captive audience for advertising and also goes back to visitors via example in the newsletter.

Your best bet in this area would be to utilize Notepad marketing campaigns, if you are trying to generate new business and Mailing lists.


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