Avoiding Mistakes When Refining Your SEO Consulting Business

Refining Your SEO Consulting Business


For many consultants the job of SEO or Search Engine Optimization sounds like some kind of geeky science, but it isn’t. It is important but risky business to get your SEO strategies and techniques right – wrong, and badly. Most professionals who get into SEO realize that the business will be held to account for their actions and attribution and that the role of SEO isn’t just to promote your websites, but rather to influence business and behaviour.

With that in mind, the first thing you need to do before you start building your consultancy business is to ensure you’re running a SEO business.

Who Is Using SEO?

A recent online survey revealed that 78% of businesses who are appealing to customers believe that online business comes in through the internet. While social media and SEO are popular avenues for customers to visit and stay on site, they are also good ways of attracting new business and keeping existing customers. Online marketing is therefore a world of opportunities.

According to the University of Southampton business School, however, nearly a third of businesses today see their online marketing as the main way they intend to promote their business. 19% of these businesses plan to completely overhaul their marketing on a means of developing new products or services; while 46% of BT broadband and broadband Internet users see their online marketing as the number one way they intend to market the IT services they offer.

That’s a high number, but also a sign that online marketing has advanced. Southampton also conducting tests show that more than two thirds of businesses using broadband and IT support still consider social media a valuable channel of communication between themselves and their customers.

Outside of marketing, the SEO experts and business experts

The same report showed that companies rely most on the keyword, and other important website URLs, to attract and retain customers. 27% of UK Internet users who are searching for businesses and services online belong to people using Google.com.

Keywords play an important role in your search engine ranking, and you must understand that your customers definitely look at your website links. The number of backlinks that you have viciously placed on your site will also play a key role in your SEO.

What are Keywords?

Essentially, a keyword is a term that describes a specific product, service, or business. You can choose the most specific name for your business that people will remember, but the most important thing is to select something unique. Since we’re talking about the SEO, unique terms are the ones that stand out and are memorable.

An example of a keyword would be “dog training” for a pet training business. Now, let’s say you own a furniture business and you realize that furniture is a major necessity and plays a big role in your business. You can make your selection based on that alone, but if you aren’t unique, you won’t stand out. Choose a name for your business that will describe it perfectly. Is it the most unique name for furniture of the year? Do you have anything else suitable to describe your business that people will remember?

Customer Service

As much as you have a budget, there will always be Ensign Equipment customers that are in need of help. Sometimes, these customers just need someone to answer their call in the right way. When choosing the right company to work with, you need to find someone who really cares about helping your customers.

Instead of wondering if the company is just perfect for you, look for someone who really wants your business. It might be the best idea to hand it over to someone who has experience in this field, but who has never worked with a startup. Find someone who will ask you what kind of services you offer and how you do it, and then get back to you with an answer. This is much better than waiting for a day or two to get your answer.

pitch your business

Be professional when talking to your future clients. If you’ve never repaired a computer before, be prepared to spend some time learning about your own hobby before you talk to them. Even if you have a geek amongst your staff, they may not be able to handle all of your responsibilities. It’s important that you trust your staff, and that they look after your needs without adding to your workload.

While you’re on the process of looking for companies to help you with your tech needs, you should also be careful to make sure that you’re not picked up on any red flags. If a company is big enough that they’re providing everything through their network, it can be a good idea to find another company to help you with services. Make sure that you deal with a company that is professional and isn’t going to try to turn you into a problem.

With the right assistance, you can always have your computer up and running like new again.

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