How to Avoid “Spiritual Flossing” in Sales

speak your customers language


Have you ever met a sales rep that really didn’t know what he/she was talking about? One that really didn’t have a clue about what a qualified prospect actually looks like, her motivations and the things that influence their buying habits in the first place? Have you ever met something like this?

It is a fact that good salespeople provide solid referrals for a business. You will also find that good sales people go out of their way to avoid giving the business a bad, low quality reputation. However, they also do not fall into the category of ” Spiritual Flossing”… the description you were given for that sales rep that all the way back in medical school. Can you believe it?

The typical sales representative- medicine against the “Spiritual Flossing” category is a pretty good character in sales, excepting a passion for collecting computers. So, why do we call a group of sales people “Spiritual Flossers” when they are really just doing simple, everyday, no cost, minor business?

The average, “average” sales representative has not developed, verbal self-confidence that allows him/her to professionally charge a premium price for a product or service. Do you have a problem with average sales people? No! Average sales people simply don’t have the people skills to consistently outperform the “great” ones in their chosen profession. I call these average sales people  filling in the blank” because when you get across as if you have no sales experience, or are just making a career out of selling, it is difficult to outperform a professional who has real sales experience.

Spiritual Flossers,” or “comparison flossers” will sell anything to anyone, but they will not sell well unless they use their self-confidence to their fullest advantage and in a way that allows them to differentiate themselves from other sales people who are selling the same product or service as theirs.

“Spiritual Flossers” are a dime a dozen. However, they are walking a fine line and will run into difficulty if they have not fully developed the skill of self-promotion. A “Spiritual Flosser” becomes a problem if a prospect (for example – or potential customer for spray foam rigs for sale) asks him/her a question that requires a particular component of the spray foam product or service they are selling, and they answer it from a purely selfish perspective.

“Spiritual Flossers” also have the problem of not speaking the language of their prospective customers. This may sound like a minor issue, but one sales representative can make a big difference between developing a competitive advantage and having a spoiled prospect. Remember, you cannot mold a person if you cannot perceptually perceive what it is they have learned!

The first way for you to avoid the “Spiritual Flosser” or “Comparison Flosser” label is to be confident enough in your own abilities to let them know exactly what you have to offer! Nothing is more important to the sales function than guarding your prospect’s time with hyper slightly.”

Customers can only react to the question that is currently on their mind. In your mind, they can only comprehend you, your offering (the offering you are gathering positive, controlled consequences for the first time in the discussion) and any aspects of price.

The key to making sales presentation an art form is to be able to use your own private knowledge and, to describe that in a way that the customer can not organize their brain in the best possible manner to direct them.[Varies greatly from person to person.)

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