The Seminar will be conducted in two one-week sessions:

The first week, from 5 pm on Sunday, May 13, until 1 pm on Saturday, May 19, 2018 will be for beginners.
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Work Arising out of Anthroposophy

Waldorf (Rudolf Steiner) Education:
Dr. Rudolf Steiner was not in the habit of preaching, or giving instructions of his own accord. Like a true master of esoteric knowledge, Dr. Steiner always waited to be asked. His many new impulses arising out of Anthroposophy have always been in response to questions put to him by his many friends and students. When someone approached him with a specific wish, or to ask for advice, he gave the answer that would lead to a new initiative. One such request came from Emil Molt, a friend of Rudolf Steiner. This led to the starting of the WALDORF (RUDOLF STEINER) SCHOOL movement.

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The Hyderabad Waldorf School
Rd. No. 82, Film Nagar, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad.
Phone: +91-040-2354 5206, 2354 6309
The Secunderabad Waldorf School
Plot No. 9, AP Text Book Colony, Karkhana,Secunderabad-9.
Phone: +91-40-781 9926 (O), 781 9098 (R).
Abhaya - A Waldorf School
Gundlapochampally Village
Near Apparel Textile Park
R.R.District 500 0014
Ph: +91-40-6522 1345
Prerana Waldorf School
(Part of Mount Banjara High School)
Plot 47/9, opp. NCC Urban Apts.,
Gachibowli, Hyderabad.
phone: +91 96186 86016.
E mail:
Bangalore Steiner School
Sristi Farm, Thindlu Village, Sarjapur Hobli, Anekal Taluk, Bangalore.
Phone: Smitha Mallya: +91 81979 90550,
G. Manivannan: +91 94483 78949.
Inodai Waldorf School
118, Moti Baug, S.V. Road,
Andheri (W), Mumbai 400 058.
Phone: +91-22-6522 2711,
The Fifteenth Waldorf (Rudolf Steiner) Education Seminar at D. C. School in Khandala, Maharashtra, India, May / June 2013.
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Waldorf Kindergartens in India:
Contact Person:
Sucheta Garud -


Promise Centre - Lalitha/Jyotsna :
Prakriti Preschool - Latha :
Kingdom of Childhood - Manivannan :
InBloom Preschool - Pooja Marshall :


Indra Dhanu - Vidhya :
Vedvyasa - Sanmukh Priya :


Buds and blossoms - Divya :


Aarambh - Namita Poudwal :
Ukti - Saloni Jutshi :


Sloka - Nishita :
Diksha - Sunitha :
Abhaya - Shailaja :
Prerana - Padmaja :


Tridha - Ruth :
Inodai - Apeksha :
Shrishti - Manali :
Rainbow Bridge - Preeti :
Vishwajyot - Sushma :,
Niramaya - Nirupama :


Amor - Molly/Sangita :
Swadha - Shefali :,


Bonafide - kindergarten : Surej.
A checklist for the qualification and recognition of a Waldorf/Rudolf Steiner School in India.
- Compiled by Aban Bana
1. The school in question should work as a "Waldorf-inspired/oriented" school for a minimum period of two years, before it can apply for full Waldorf recognition.
2. The Waldorf-inspired school should make sure that its teachers get regular in-service training as well as training at recognised Waldorf education seminars, workshops and courses.
3. If a school is founded by a minimum of three trained Waldorf teachers, it may carry the "Waldorf" name from the very beginning.
4. Waldorf schools are non-profit institutions.
5. The school seeking recognition should apply to Jyotsna Patnaik, Indian representative for the Hague Circle.
6. The class teacher should be prepared to teach the pupils from Class One through to Class Seven.
7. Check on Class One readiness of pupils as indicated.
8. The complete Waldorf curriculum, modified to suit local needs, and covering all recommended subjects, should be followed by all teachers.
9. The day begins with a two-hour Main Lesson, in which a subject is taught in blocks of three or four weeks by the class teacher.
10. It continues with other subjects appropriate for the class, taught by subject teachers or even the class teacher.
11. The methodology has to be child-centered.
12. All festivals should be celebrated in an appropriate way as India is a multi-cultural, multi-religious land.
13. Every Thursday the teachers have a structured faculty meeting, which includes study, artistic activity and an agenda to serve the smooth running of the school.
14. There have to be regular teacher-parent meetings for all classes and also sessions for inducting parents into Waldorf education.
15. Home visits (to the homes of the pupils) by the class teacher have to be made on a regular basis.
16. At the end of the year the teachers have to write a report, which includes a birthday verse, for each individual pupil.
17. Once the school has been running as a PROPER Waldorf/Rudolf Steiner school for a minimum period of two years, it can form a “College of Teachers”.
18. “Meditatively Acquired Study of Man” and “Republican Academies” are two books which the College of Teachers can read together.
19. The members of the College of Teachers are responsible for delegating activities like fund-raising, informing the general public and looking for a venue in an ethical way.
20. Teachers need to have a sound knowledge of Anthroposophy, and to deepen their practice of meditations given by Rudolf Steiner for Waldorf teachers.
Working towards an Association for Waldorf/Rudolf Steiner Schools in India - by Aban Bana
On Wednesday evening, May 30, 2012, during the Waldorf (Rudolf Steiner) Education Seminar in Khandala, those who were present from the various Waldorf/Steiner schools in India met to discuss the possibility of eventually founding an association/federation of Waldorf/Steiner schools in India.
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Schools and institutions interested in Waldorf/Rudolf Steiner Education and Anthroposophy:
Gateway Branch of Anthroposophy Society, Mumbai -
Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Mumbai -
Comet Media Foundation, Mumbai -
Door Step School, Mumbai -
Muktangan, School for slum children, Mumbai -
Muskaan, School for slum children, Mumbai -
Slum Rehabilitation Society, Mumbai -
Pavement Club, Mumbai -
Pragnya Bodhini School, Mumbai -
Vishwajyot School, Kharghar -
Fountainhead Schools, Surat -
Atmiya Vidya Mandir, Surat -
Nalanda Schools, Baroda -
ITTC Waldorf, Goa -
Bhakti Kutir School, Goa -
Azadi Vidya Pith, Bhubaneshwar, Orissa -
Waldorf Initiative, Kolkata -
Waldorf Initiative, Kolkata -
Book Shop, Kolkata -
Waldorf-based schools for the poor, Kolkata -
HELGO initiative for destitute children, Howrah -
Waldorf initiative, Meerut, Uttar Pradesh -
Manavata Initiative, Dehra Dun -
Nanhi Dunya School, Dehra Dun -
ISKCON School for tribal children, Maharashtra -
Puvidham Farm School for tribal children,
Tamil Nadu
Inba Seva Sangam, rural project, Tamil Nadu -
Akshara Vidyaashram, Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu -
The Yellow Train school for special children,
Tamil Nadu
Saandeepani School for Special Children, Hyderabad -
Bhanu Kalluri, Hyderabad -
School for the poor, Andhra Pradesh -
School for orphan children, Uttar Pradesh -
HKMC School, Kashmir -
JKDag foundation, Kashmir -
Babysland School, Kashmir -
Pratham, Jammu and Kashmir -
Children of Sikkim Foundation, Sikkim -
Roots Learning Spaces, Bangalore -
Friends of Camhill India, Bangalore -
Happy School for special children, Chennai -
V-EXCEL schools for special children, Chennai -
Sol-ARC School, Mumbai -
Niraamaaya special school, Powai, Mumbai -
Sadhana Village, Kamshet, Pune -
Bio Dynamic Association of India, Kodaikanal -
Anthroposophical Medicine in India -
Roshni Home for special adults, Lahore, Pakistan -
Krishna Gurung, School and farm initiative -
Santosh Chhetri, Youth Section -
Indira Ranamagar, School and rehabilitation -
Tashi Waldorf School -
Shanti Sewa Griha -
Waldorf-Isnpired Schools:
Blooming Buds School, Hyderabad -

Wonderland of Early Childhood - The Waldorf Kindergarten

Dr. Rudolf Steiner has given very important guidelines on the understanding of child development, based upon his spiritual insight and research. The Waldorf Kindergarten, which caters to the three to six year olds, before they enter Class One, can truly be called a Wonderland of Early Childhood.

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Srilanka And Waldore Education - by Aban Bana

The lovely little island country of Sri Lanka to the south of India, with a population of 20 million, has always been favoured by tourists from all over the world, who visit the serene beaches, national parks and ancient cultural centres. Until 1972 the country was called Ceylon; the most ancient name was Taprobane. The majority of the population in Sri Lanka follows the Buddhist religion, while there are Hindus, Muslims and Christians in smaller numbers.
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The Thirteenth Waldorf (Rudolf Steiner) seminar in khandala, India, may 15 to may 28, 2011 - by Aban Bana

It was for the thirteenth time this year that we conducted the annual Waldorf / Rudolf Steiner Education Seminar at D.C. School, a conventional boarding school in Khandala, the hill resort between Mumbai and Pune in Maharashtra, India. This must be the cheapest Waldorf seminar in the world, as we do not want to exclude anyone on financial grounds.

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The Waldorf (Rudolf Steiner) Education Seminar, Khandala

The Bai Dhanmai Cawasji High School is located in Khandala, a holiday resort in the picturesque Sahyadri hills of the Western Ghats, between the cities of Mumbai and Pune, in the western state of Maharashtra, India. In the summer holidays during the month of May, the children of the boarding school go home, and the school is then open to various activity groups for their summer camps.

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The Essential Nature And Task Of Rudolf Steiner (Waldorf) Schools

One of the most frequently criticized aspects of conventional schooling in India is that it is not child-oriented, but rather goal-oriented. Children are made to learn the three R’s at a ridiculously young age, and the passing of exams at the end of each school year seems to have become the main consideration.

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Rudolf Steiner (Waldorf) Education

In the year 1907, Dr. Rudolf Steiner gave a lecture entitled “The Education of the Child from a Spiritual-Scientific viewpoint”, which was based upon a true understanding of child-development in the light of Anthroposophy. This lecture was the foundation of a new impulse in child-education. This eventually led to the formation of Rudolf Steiner Schools, which are also known as Waldorf Schools worldwide. The first free Waldorf School was inaugurated in Stuttgart, Germany, in September 1919. Its founder was Emil Molt, owner of the Waldorf Astoria cigarette factory, hence the name.

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Anthroposophical Activity In India

Dr. Rudolf Steiner has given the world a new meaning in life. Through his Anthroposophy, many people's lives have changed for the better. In India, the land of Rishis and Munis, where spirituality is an every day occurrence and philosophical discussions are a way of life, the Light of Anthroposophy permeates the will of the people, guiding them into practical and meaningful activity. India has always welcomed new ideas of a spiritual nature: A NO BHADRAH KRATAVO YANTU VISHVATAH (Let noble thoughts approach us from all directions).

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