Why Hire a Handyman

Why hire a handyman


Now I know what you’re thinking, you’ve got a problem in your house, and you think YouTube is going to show you how to fix it really quick and without any problems. Easy right?


Yeah, no, it’s really not that easy when your AC unit has a piece snapped in half, or your dishwasher decides it wants to take some time off. When that happens, your gonna want to get on the phone and call a professional that will show up to your door and say they’ve seen it a million times. Real experience beats out anything those DIY videos can show you.


So, among other things, here is a compiled list of the best reasons you should hire a handyman.




Like I said up in the intro, the handyman handling your situation has seen everything, they’ve dealt with it, its yesterday’s news to them, it’s almost a tedious chore redoing the same problem that they had a week ago.


So, if they’ve seen the same problem in a different person’s house, then you can bet they know how to solve the one you’ve got. I mean they have all the equipment ready, and they’ve got the know-how, it’s not going to be a problem for long.


Now, to this you’re probably saying something along the lines “Yeah, they probably have seen something like this before, but it’s different because of so and so.” Which is a good point, but to that I say, they can figure it out. As I’ve made clear, they have experience with every situation, but they had to grow that experience, they had a first-time situation before and where able to figure it out then. With years’ worth of experience now, they can adapt to your situation based on what they’ve already done.




Leading from experience is time. They’ve already done the time, and can now work on getting better, which they have been doing as much as they have been discovering, with practice comes perfection, and that applies to a handyman.


Now, they know how to fix your problem and they know how to do it quickly based on that knowledge, so the faster they fix the problem, the faster it’s out of your hair. It’s almost beautiful how hand in hand that is.


You could even ignore the problem if you wanted if you hire a handyman. AC’s broken? Just go hang out at a mall or something until he can get there, toilets broken, and water is spraying everywhere? Just go shut off the water and go watch TV after you put the phone down.


When he gets there, just point at the darn thing, tell what happened and he’ll get it fixed up in a jiffy, all the while you go back to sitting on the couch and catch up on that newest show.

That sounds amazing, but you’re probably worried that he’s going to need some new part that will take a few days to ship out, or even worse, it’s something that you’re going to have to go and get yourself. The horror of a ten-minute drive when we have such capabilities as Amazon. That does suck, but it’s really not the end of the world, all you need to do is buy the new part, hand it to him, then he’s out of the house.


I mean it’s better than trying to do it yourself, make it worse, then have to buy two or three new parts instead of just the one, wasting a bunch more of your time, than just calling them from the get-go.




This one may come as a shock, but you are probably saving a lot more money by calling a handyman rather than just leaving whatever the problem is alone or doing it yourself.


I said a few seconds ago that trying to do it yourself would be a massive waste of time, but it will also cost you, like I said a second ago, in a more compact way. You try to do it yourself, break the darn thing even more, right? Well now because that happened, you now have to go and buy even more parts to replace the ones you broke on top of the ones that were already broken, and you have to pay the handyman even more because he also has to fix the mistake you made. Just an all-around bummer, a really expensive bummer.


Option number two is that you just simply ignore the problem. It’s fine just sitting there all by its lonesome, it’s not hurting anything. You can totally do that if you want, losing a spare toilet isn’t the end of the world, you’ve already got one, all you need to do is turn the water off to make sure it stops overflowing. Good job you.


Though what’s going to happen when you turn the water back on? I mean you need to shower, and brush your teeth, and wash your dishes, your hands, cleaning your car, etc. That toilet is then going to feel like the end of the world.


What I’m trying to say is that yes, you can ignore the problem for a time, but it will eventually grow worse. You think you can be fine the house without AC, you think you can handle not having a working car, you think it’ll be fine that your shower won’t run, but you will find that they are all big problems in the end, and they will cost you money. So, don’t just ignore the problem, be proactive and get it cleaned up, or you know, call someone else to clean it up, it’ll save you time and money.




As you’ve probably noticed, all these categories mix together well. I said in the time and experience categories, that the handyman you need to hire has seen everything your house can throw at them, and they’ve been fixing the same kind of problems hundreds of times before.


As practice makes perfect, there skills in their profession will only get better each time they fix your problem, and each time they do it, they get better at fixing it, it’s a beautiful cycle that they follow.


Now with experience comes the plethora of all these other categories I’m talking about today, they get faster, they get smarter, they find new ways to fix the same problem, just to make sure they can get it done in the most efficient way possible. So, the skill you and YouTube lack is not a problem, as they have it in spades, you don’t need to worry about a thing when they fix your house, it’s in good hands, hands that are much better than the average person.


That alone should be a reason to call a handyman, not only could they fix your problem, they could make it better. If you have something like an old filter stuck in your AC, they can replace it with a brand new one that’s even better than the last, or maybe they can give you better tires on your car than you had before.




This one I personally consider the most important, your safety and everyone’s living in the house is the number one priority, nothing is above it. So, I don’t think it’s the wisest decision to be touching a car battery without gloves while the engine is running. An obvious exaggeration, but it gets the point across.


If you have to look up how to fix something beyond a drawer, I will highly advise that you get an expert in to do it for you. There is plenty of bad things that can happen to you should you make a mistake with one of the giant machines in your house.


Your oven breaks let’s say, you try to fix it, you make a mistake with one of the doo hickeys and a fire starts, with your head inside it. Not fun, not fun at all, for anyone in that scenario. You get third degree burns or worse, the house is potentially gone, burned down, others possibly getting burned along with it, and you can’t make a cake in the oven that you just broke beyond the initial damage.


Let’s add a little twist to that scenario, instead of sticking your head into the oven, you called that handyman. He comes in with his toolbox in hand, his belt full of handyman gadgets at the ready. You take him over to the oven, tell him that it just won’t work, he knows what the problem is immediately, grabs a few tools, and gets it fixed in the hour. No fires, no one hurt, and everything is in order, you can get back to baking to your hearts content, without a hospitable bill.


So, before you start playing with electric wires, think a bit on who you would rather get electrocuted, yourself, or the guy with the insulated gloves.




So, throughout this whole thing, the house isn’t working, your cars broke down in your driveway, just something, you’re standing there glaring at it, pulling out your hair as you shout and yell at the universe. This whole situation is the worst and you just want it to be over.


The quickest, easiest, cheapest way to do that is hire the handyman to come and make all the problems in the world go away. There is nothing that you need to do other than point out the problem and sit down to watch them work their magic.


Occasionally you might have to explain some things, like when it stopped working, what model is so and so, what year did you get it, is there a warranty, simple little things that shouldn’t be too difficult to find out if you don’t already know.


I’ll say it again to make it clear to all you worry warts out there, there is no fuss, and there is no stress in the equation that is your broken machine. You only have to call them to make them fix it, and they will get it done faster than the flash, when you do, there is no need to worry.


Your Experience


I’ve already talked about the most important thing, and the best thing, but I have talked about the thing that is most useful to you in this little conversation. Your machine broke down, and you’ve called the handyman, you know what the problem is, and you know they’re going to fix it, so there’s nothing to worry or think about.


That little bit of free time gives you a rare opportunity, you can look to see how they fixed your problem. Like I said before, a handyman has the experience due to seeing the problem time and time again, and you won’t be able to have that level of experience, but you can certainly gain a lot from this particular situation.


The next time that problem happens, maybe in a new house or car, sometime in the future, you might be able to fix it yourself, and all without YouTube if you can manage it. Completely free, unless you need a new part, no stress because you know what you’re doing, and no time wasted because you can get right to it, being able to identify the problem from the beginning.


All of that from watching the handyman you hired ages ago to fix the same thing. That kind of experience would be really useful to anybody.


The best thing about it too is that you’re not going to have only one problem in your lifetime. There is going to be things breaking all over the place, and each handyman is going to show you how to fix it. You’ll have less and less worries as you age, because you know that you can handle whatever is thrown at you, all because you experienced it way back then. Who knows, maybe even one day you could show your kids how to fix the same problem when they run into it. You just need to hire a handy man to fix the problem.





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