Do You Want a Job or Do You Have a Business?

business ethics with employees


I’ve known a lot of people who had both years in a given corporation, and I’ve been a big fan of most of them. You see, I’m not a company of one type of person, neither are most entrepreneurs I know. I’m an Enterprise Entrepreneur and I own my own business! I’m constantly evaluating what I need and what solution I need. Not all of my Entrepreneurs are wealthy and successful, but I like them because I get more out of them then when I pay them. I can’t tell you how I’ve always said this; when you’re an entrepreneur, you are a business owner! It’s not what you do for a living, it’s what you do with your life and with your business that’s important to most of your friends. The big mistake I see created by skirt hiring, excessive spending, and downsizing is the perception from employees that they are homogeneous Individuals, regardless of employment or current state of the individual.

And this tells me a lot about the business model on that company. If an employee likes “our” (no offense to them), I can see it as a good indicator that they are working with the same personality or work ethic. If you’re a business owner, you have to address everything from the top down and get input from everyone going down to the bottom – if you don’t, it’s just in their heads somewhere and humidity doesn’t do any good to me.

So, I want to know not from a business mindset, but one of wanting to provide the highest quality of service. Make no mistake, it’s a business, you can not treat an employee like a person, and they don’t want a same old thing, but treat them like a human, and my guess is you would receive a lot more respect for your business then for your personal production. You see, when employees are treated as a business, they step up, because they want to succeed, and they take ownership for getting their work done on time, with pride and detrimental outlook, any time is great, which is something I like and appreciate.

We often hear but never gain; “Ethics are the most important factor in succeeding in Business!” And yes, depending on the laws in your respective state, they are, and how much you spend, it all comes down to what you feel is right. But, a way goes there, and integrity is the only way to go. If you do not have it, you don’t have anything. Can you imagine where you would be at this point if you didn’t have integrity, self-respect for himself? Like I said, I really respect business owners who are self-reliant, have integrity, are proud and so forth, and those guys and girls only work every now and then, and then leave.

If you have any employee, I both respect your work ethic, and also have not built a company to work for, (while I extremely like some of them, they are a lot of work!). They are not someone you want to emulate. It is the hard workers in this world, and the best in this world, who keep me in business, and it is my “employees-with-all” (not to tooting their own horn as much as I want to, that’s not going to help anyway.). So, I do enjoy working with the best every single person I come into contact with and always strive to.

Not every piece of information is good for you, trash it. Do not waste your time – do not go through all of this. I will show respect for all alike, even those who are rude, mean, mean, should me I’m the only person who is “rewarded” for doing my modular construction company job; the answer to that question is no, you do not have company in this business.

So, please address your employees and make yourself aware of your surroundings and make sure they are getting a fair paycheck. It is your responsibility to make sure they are happy, because they are representing you and your company. One famous body builder said, “To keep someone in a position where they are respected, you want to ensure that they are treated with dignity and respect from their boss.”

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