How to Save Money With International Travel

saving money with international travel


Obviously, we all love money, it’s the thing that really runs the world in a physical sense and we of course always want to be able to save as much of it as we can so that we can always provide for ourselves and those around us. It is really just common sense to save money whenever you can, its plain and simple, saving money is good.


So, one of the best ways that we as an individual and as a group can save money is by trying to figure out the costs of international travel. How can we try and limit some of the money that we are losing when we decide to head a few hundred thousand miles away from home? There is honestly a ton of ways that you can do that, dozens of different methods and tricks that can save you a boat load of money.


Unfortunately, a lot of those tips, tricks, and methods are not very commonly known, beyond the obvious few things. Luckily though, those elusive methods are available to you through the experience of others, people all around the world have been facing these problems that you are now, and they are willing to share it with you today.


This place that you have stumbled upon is a goldmine of information that will help save you an entire wagon full of cash, cash that you can use for bills, groceries, or souvenirs when you head on over. We have tips and tricks that can really help you out, and honestly most if not all of them are incredibly easy to do for yourself, sometimes you may need to make a phone call or two, but nothing really beyond that.


This list has everything that you are going to need when it comes to saving money on an international vacation and flight. You have everything that you are going to ever possibly need from this incredible list that we put together here.


Normally we would try and save some time by leaving out anything that’s not essential to what you need, but for this particular analyze, we are going to try and include everything. Because like every penny count, every tip counts. Every bit of knowledge, and every method that can help save you money, in small or major ways are going to try and make it here on the list.


Thank you very much for taking some time out of your incredibly busy schedule to come and read this, hopefully it’s going to be helpful to you in a number of ways. Also, w dearly hope that this is going to help save you some money on your upcoming trip and that you can use that extra money to buy souvenirs and such from wherever you are going.


Thank you again, we hope that you enjoy this list and hopefully it is educational enough that you can get the information that you need for your trip. With enough of the intro, lets dive right into this, this is how to save money with international travel.


Think About Travel Insurance


The first one on this list may seem a little counter intuitive, but trust us, this is something that you may want to seriously consider when you are planning on having vacations in the future. If there is any sort of problem that is going to cost you a sum of money, then some travel insurance is going to go a long way to cover you and reimburse you that potentially lost money.


This is a great way to save money on a trip, if anything happens at all then you are going to be totally fine and have nothing to worry about when it comes to any sort of financial loss you may incur on your trip. The things that they can cover you for are also phenomenal, they cover pretty much everything.


They can cover lost or delayed suitcases, they can cover last minute trips, they can cover flight problems, etc. They can cover a lot of things, and if your karma is not looking to great at the moment, then travel insurance is the thing that you are going to need. It’s certainly gotten us out of a pickle or two when we go on our vacations.


Something that you should know before you go ahead and get some travel insurance for yourself is that signing up for it can be a little tricky, in the sense that the people offering you the insurance really want to get some money of their own. So, just a heads up, try not to let yourself get sucked into any sort of unnecessary deals or some such.


For example, if they offer you some insurance for the loss of a boat rental, and you have no intentions on being on a boat at all, then you really don’t need that extra bit of insurance included. So, really just be careful with what they are offering you, read the fine print, and don’t buy anything unnecessarily, that’s honestly good advice for any sort of purchase.


Start Saving Up


This next one on the list may seem to be a bit obvious, but you would be surprised at how many people overlooked it. Starting a travel fund, or just putting aside some money specifically for your trip is a really smart move, this way, the money that you are saving up, that few bucks of change on the side that you aren’t really going to lose, is not going to be a big deal.


You can just dump a bit of cash in a big jar like they do in the movies, or you can write down how much cash you can save each week and siphon a little bit of it into your fund. This way you have the money that you need, and you know exactly when you are going to be able to reach your goal.


A smart move would to be to put all that money into a savings account, that way it can grow annually, giving you a bit of cash to use the next time you go out. Hopefully you can get at least a seven percent increase with it, that would be the minimum, but you are probably going to get something around eight to ten percent. Another really smart move to make when you are trying to save up is to see if you have any left-over cash from your previous holiday, you can use that money for the one you’re on now.


Try to Pick a Place or a Time


So, when you are going about and traveling all over the place, all over the world, you can save some money by choosing whether you want a specific place to go to, or a specific time in which you want to travel. This may not seem like a really hip or fun thing to do, but it really will save you money, and it will also really help you get your scheduling straight.


What you really have to do when we say pick either a place or a time is to either pick a destination or a season that would be really good to go anywhere. If you need to travel in a specific time frame, then try to be a little more open minded, a little more opportunistic with your traveling plans. If you see something coming up soon, like a good deal on a trip that you and the family may like, then go ahead and grab it.


If you are planning on going to a specific place, then try and set it in a good season for travelling, so try to avoid holidays, and seasonal festivities if you’re trying to save money. This is a great way to save money and it is a great way to enjoy yourself because you’re giving up just a minor thing to make other things a lot more enjoyable.


Now, something that we really want to emphasize here, something that we are really stressing as important is that you should not under any circumstance give up your dream vacation for this reason. If you want to go to Hawaii in the summer, and go to New York for Christmas, then by all means go, you’ll just have to save up longer.


We just want you to keep in mind that there are more financially sound options as vacation spots. So, if you think you can live with it, then you might go to Hawaii in the Fall, or go to New York during an off season. Just keep it in mind, but don’t let it take away from your amazing vacation.


Try to Avoid the Unnecessary


So, the last thing on this list that is going to be saving you a lot of money is probably the most obvious of them all. Simply try to avoid any sort of unnecessary purchases, try to eat out less, try not to buy too many souvenirs, try not to go to a place that cost money, try not park in a space that requires money, etc.


Try and find little things that can really start to add up on your trip to make sure that this is a lot easier. You only have to go ahead and try to keep an eye for the little things that can help you save some money, a pretty big one is to choose a cheaper airline, an even better one is to choose a cheaper hotel room, or to choose better luggage such as hardigg cases. All of these are great, but you really are going to have to find them as you are setting up your vacation.


Again, though we really don’t want to take away from your vacation, if you want to go to a specific place, at a specific time, and buy a specific thing, all of which will make your amazing vacation the best it can possibly be, then seriously, try and make the most of it. It just means that you are going to have to save up for a little longer with the things that you have, and it will all work out in the end.


The Conclusion


So, we talked about a lot of things that are going to be saving you money in the near future on your vacation, and we talked about a lot of different ways that can really help you out, so if one thing doesn’t work out then another may something that you can help out with your situation. You just have to go ahead and find what you like and apply it to yourself to make sure it works.


We talked about insurance, saving up, trying not to buy things that aren’t necessary, trying to pick a good season or time to go on an international trip, all of which are great ways for you to save money and still have an amazing trip across the sea. This is all a great way to get the things that you need in an orderly time and to make sure that you have a ton of fun on your vacation.


One thing that we want to emphasize with this entire list is that you should absolutely try not to give up parts of your dream vacation in order to save money, you should definitely try to make your vacations as magical as possible, that way you can make the amazing memories that you deserve. Of course, on the other spectrum of this, try not to go crazy with your financials and try to buy things that you can’t.


Just try to keep moderation, but fun in mind, that way you can have a good balance of the two in order to have a really great international trip. Thank you very much again for taking some of your time to come by and read this, we sincerely appreciate it, and we really do hope that you learned a lot about saving money on an international trip.


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