Sales Techniques To Improve Your Income

Sales Techniques To Improve Your Income



What’s good for you is good for your business. This mindset goes first in the sales training I give, whether it’s in the feedback I get from clients, or from my own experience of getting customers and having the best possible experience out there.

Making a profit the right way vs. just break even or nothing at all is a mindset you need to improve upon. Since so much sales training, programs, and coaching focuses on this philosophy, it’s understandable to dismiss it before having the chance to learn.

Stay with me, then, because I believe there are three key concepts to improve your sales on your own terms.

Let’s examine the theories.

1. Saving

– Many of you bought the company car. It was a thing of beauty. If it was a sports car, you were a big portion of the purchase. But, what about the quality of the materials in the car? Your car cost a lot of money. Can you really get value out of it?

– Depending on the make and model, it may cost up to 6 times what the dealership offered. If you’re not a car nut, can you really understand the essence of customer’s real motivation, their reasons for buying something they are buying?

2. Occam’s Razor

– Many good sales people spend a lot of time with their prospects and that can get really frustrating. If there is so much opportunity to confuse your buyer, it’s difficult to convince, to get as much value out of these sales conversations.

– I’ll bet you have enough on your plate already, and there’s always someone else to sell to, or someone who can teach you what to do. You have to be able to trim the fat when sales are over.


– This is the most important key of all. You have so much to be thankful for in your client’s life. Instead of spending 7,8 hours a day out of your sales or over time, invest what’s left by focusing on what gives your customer a good life.

– Do they have a great online lifestyle? Do they look for an arborist Nashville when needing their trees trimmed? Do they have a great home life? You can make a lot of money, but at the very least, you need to be able make a living and provide a life for your clients.

Good sales training for these concepts may only help you improve 3% of what you do. I believe 3% is where you’ll truly see the difference.

But if you truly look deep into the concept of Pass The traffic – walk in their way – you might arrive at new insights that will allow you to reduce the time you spend at the cash register, so you can spend more time with your family, sleeping more hours, and enjoying the fruits of your labor rather more time.

She’ll reward you

Pass The traffic for my friend Meredith increments on health and happiness. She’s a beautiful woman with a great career and a huge circle of friends and regular guest at all her mega events. I often go out for drinks with her on weeknings. If you go out with her, you get to experience the same on the patio!

Meridith isn’t challenging or adventurous like Mitt’s protocol, but she understands the benefit of appreciate and appreciate always pays off.

Of course, you can’t discount the fact that the income is lucrative, however if you are vying for precious resources of time, you are certainly not going to get a whole lot of clarity that lead to better results on your route to your financial goals.

We’ve always found after a few weeks of juggling fancy ideas, article creation, and cooking calls, I can really tell you where I was this month, and what I could develop for next month. It might make that review more important than a monthly corporation report to justify my salary, and put that time back into the work I want to do – this week.

Pass The traffic can yield better results than a company survey, but I’m not 100% sure that’s where to start.

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