Do You Really Care About Your Work Performance?

Care About Your Work Performance


Do you really care about the work you do or just about your personal development?

What is the most important thing you practice or engage in? Is it building an upwards career or building your own title at work? More than likely it is something different.

A career that you care about is one that shows passion and purpose in what you do. Instead of performing a function in the workplace, it is something that is a natural extension of you at work, for your clients, and, most especially for your family.

Your health and well-being is imperative to your quality of life and your relationships. A high level of health and well-being will fuel your passion and you will be well suited to your role whether the needs of the organization are heightened or not.

What about your personal development? Do you really care about building your knowledge or developing your abilities?

Do you think about how you are going to teach someone what you know so that they can do the same task? Or perhaps do you have problems with the flexibility of learning because it means shifting from what is comfortable to what makes you feel challenged? Or do you find yourself moving back and forth in learning rather than walking the road to mastery?

The level of training you engage in is dependent on numerous aspects of your personality. However, there are some areas where you MUST and truly want to invest in developing your skills.

A personal development class, a perspective session with a coach, a workshop, a weekend of uninterrupted travel and/or a volunteer summer job can all be on your calendar very easily, as long as you are willing to invest the time and energy to develop the activity. Some people estimate that just one class such as the one mentioned above can yield a sizeable income.

How do you know what personal development will encourage you AND what level of personal development you really want to focus on? Jim Rohn says, “If we were a race, where there is no black, no Hispanic, no matter where you are in the color spectrum, at one point in your life, you will know what is right for you. The only thing you need to do is ask. Life works in mysterious ways. We are balancing ‘me’ against ‘I’ every single time.” I want you to think that there are significant rewards that motivate you, such as a sense of accomplishment for your work, for your life, and for your family.

The bottom line is that your willingness to care about the work you do – whether employee, peer, and/or client – sets the scene. And when you pay attention to the work-related component of your development through development training, you are complimenting your own personal development. Sometimes the only way to feel confident about your leadership or self-development is to take on a series of different learning experiences. You will out identify your personal and emotional skills as you move through the process. When done properly, you will grow both professionally for yourself AND personally.

What about your relationship skills, attitude, or communication skills? Do you really care about your relationship or your professional reputation? Did you ever want to be known as the “go to” person on the team, the person who came to the team first to give any and every concern, question, or idea you have a hearing?

Take a step back from the daily grind even if you do concrete readymix near me delivery. What kind of opportunities do you have to flex your interpersonal, development, leadership, and relationship skills? Who are the people with whom you can get feedback and help? What kind of follow-up system do you have in place to develop your relationships?

The key to developing your ability to build a successful and sustaining team is your own leadership. Yet many of you are not lucky enough to have natural leadership skills, pre-requisites, or talents. Why not take an honest look at yourself and assess your level of skills, strengths, and values so that you can encourage others to reach out and call your efforts quits. It will also distinguish those in leadership roles from those who are merely playing the role.

Be as honest as you can be without having preconceived ideas about where you are, who you are, and what you want to be. Most people will be good for you if you are open enough to hear what they have to say. All too often we are guilty of not truly listening when others have a message to deliver, just waiting to get their own chance.

If we want people to take us seriously, we must learn to lead with them first. If we treat them well, they will return the favor. If we find ourselves missing an important development opportunity or learning opportunity, allow people to help you access new areas for growth.

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